The ultimate slimming world Chinese Fakeaway

The ultimate slimming world Chinese Fakeaway

A low sym dream complete with crispy fried seaweed, chicken satay and special fried rice

Well, I've officially died and gone to food heaven (yes, again).

I really fancied a Chinese last night and my favourite parts of a traditional takeaway are the traditionally calorific parts - chicken satay and the fried 'seaweed’ in particular. Read on to find the recipes and methods for all three parts to this absolute feast.

I researched high and low to see what others had done and found that there were lots of ideas out there of how to create a low fat version for the seaweed, which by the way, is actually cabbage, not seaweed, even when you get it from the Chinese takeaway. False advertising, right?! Haha.

So, I took it upon myself to find what I thought made the most sense from a whole bunch of diet and non-diet recipes and went on a Rosie-freestyling-mission combination of these ideas. Much to my delight, it paid off! It tasted, I kid you not, exactly the same as the stuff from the takeaway. Slightly less crispy (cause hello, it ain't deep-fried, this is Slimming World) but it absolutely hits the spot. I can't wait for you all to try this meal. It's really super.

In a bid to be helpful, I've broken down the ingredients into sections so you can make each individual part separately or put it all together as you prefer. The best way to make this is to prepare all your ingredients in terms of washing, slicing and dicing for all three sections before you even start. That way, you can get it all going simultaneously without too much effort.


This recipe serves 2 and it's 4 syns per portion if you make all three sections. If you only make one section, the satay is 2 syns per portion, and the seaweed is also 2 syns per portion. The special fried rice is free, hurrah!

SPOILER ALERT and an important note: you are going to need a couple of products that you might not have in your cupboard to make this Slimming World Chinese Fakeaway. These special items are: PB2 peanut butter powder, Sukrin Gold sweetener and MSG or 'monosodium glutamate’ as it’s more formally known. If you're worried about using MSG (it has kind of a bad rep in the same way that using a ton of salt sometimes does) just remember you're not downing it by the gallon. This recipe uses a tiny amount and so does, I should add, almost every takeaway you've had from a Chinese ever. So honestly, with a half tsp per portion, you're probably going to be ok! ;)

The MSG you can pick up in most supermarkets, or failing that all Asian supermarkets will stock it. If you have trouble finding it, just ask at the counter. Amazon is also your best friend here, and you can order all three missing ingredients together and have them by tomorrow! Trust me when I say these products are all an investment, you'll use them time and time again and they keep well in the cupboard.

For the satay chicken, you will need:

2 free range chicken breasts, diced into cubes

4 tbsp PB2 peanut butter powder (4 syns, 1 syn per tbsp)

3 tbsp light (or dark, if that's what you have) soy sauce

A decent pinch of ground salt

A decent pinch of ground black pepper

6-8 drops of Tabasco

1 tsp onion powder

8-12 tbsp water (you may want more or less depending on the consistency you want)

2 tsp granulated sweetener (I used Sukrin Gold as it gives a nicer flavour than others on the market)


For the special fried rice you will need:

150g jasmine rice

1 carrot, sliced julienne style

Quarter of a chinese leaf cabbage, diced finely into strips

2 garlic cloves, diced

Half a broccoli broken into very small florets

2 spring onions, including the green bits, sliced finely

8-10 sliced mushrooms

75g frozen peas

2 egg yolks


Soy sauce, to taste

For the seaweed you will need:

2 bags of kale, washed twice and with all stalks removed (anything that's not the leaves)


2 tsp sunflower oil (4 syns, 2 syns per portion)

1 tsp MSG


2 tsp Sukrin Gold sweetener

Method for the seaweed:

  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees for a fan oven, adjust for other ovens.

  2. Wash your kale very carefully, remove any leaves that have gone bad and any stalks that are thicker than a matchstick or thereabouts. You should end up with an enormous pile of kale leaves only, with no stalks left in that'll be too hard when you bite. Do not skip this step!

  3. Drain the leaves and dry well with a tea towel or kitchen paper. Take a knife and shred the kale leaves very finely, to the same sort of consistency you know from the chinese takeaways. Basically, as fine as possible without it becoming a powdery mess. It still needs to be in strips!

  4. Spray two baking trays with frylight and lay the kale onto the trays. Add a few grinds of salt, and spray more frylight onto them. Into the oven for 10 minutes.

  5. Remove from the oven for 1-2 minutes and move it around lots with a flipper. Spray with more frylight and back into the oven for another 10. If they look like they're burning, remove from the oven or give them another flipper or shake. You may also need to give them more time. They should be starting to crisp up slightly. If they're all soggy, give them some extra minutes in the oven with a little extra salt to help dry them out.

  6. Remove from the oven and set to one side. Prepare a wok on a medium-high heat with 2 tsp of sunflower oil and allow the oil to get hot in the pan. Add the kale, a tsp of the sukrin gold sweetener and a tsp of the MSG powder. Keep it frying until the kale loses its last moisture and remove from the pan. Sprinkle over the remaining tsp of sukrin gold onto the top of your giant pile of seaweedy-goodness and enjoy!

  7. I recommend you don't leave it sitting for too long after you make it else it might go a little flat, and definitely don't refrigerate.

Method for the special fried rice:

  1. Take 150g of jasmine rice and make it up as instructed.

  2. Chop up all your veg as per the ingredients list.

  3. Take a wok or frying pan and spray with Frylight.

  4. Add your garlic, spring onion and mushrooms and fry up until soft. If the mushrooms give off a lot of water, allow it to evaporate before moving to the next steps.

  5. Add the carrot, broccoli, cabbage, frozen peas and any other veg you want to add and keep it moving for 3-4 minutes or until the broccoli is cooked through.

  6. Add soy sauce to taste and stir in your rice. When it's hot throughout, crack in your egg yolks and stir around the pan.

  7. Enjoy!

Method for the satay chicken:

  1. Mix together all the listed ingredients except the chicken until the mix is smooth and pop into a small saucepan. On a very low heat, warm up the satay sauce. It will reduce slightly, which is what you want. Don’t let it boil if you can help it.

  2. Cook up diced chicken with a little frylight.

  3. When they’re both ready, stir the chicken into the sauce and let it heat through once more.

  4. Serve up your satay and enjoy guilt-free!

If you do try this chinese fakeaway or any part of it - the seaweed, the satay or the fried rice, please please tag me in on Instagram @slimmingworldrecipes so I can see your creations. It really makes my day :)

Rosie x

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