Filo tart with mature cheddar, caramelised onions, rosemary and tomatoes

Filo tart with mature cheddar, caramelised onions, rosemary and tomatoes

Low-fat cheese tart recipe perfect for Slimming Worlders

Cheese. Pastry. Summer flavours. I mean, do I need to sell this recipe any more? I’m not sure I do! It’s that fabulous it doesn’t need a big-me-up.

 This recipe came to me recently when preparing for a picnic. Sadly the weather failed us and we ended up eating indoors (don’t worry, the picnic blanket still came out!) but it’s the perfect low-syn crowd pleaser for any time of day. It’s a fabulous recipe for vegetarians and dinner parties alike as it just looks so gorgeous.

 I’m using in this recipe Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Lighter Cheese. I had to seek this out in a different supermarket to usual but boy, it was worth it. It packs in much more flavour than other cheddars and it’s light too, double win! YUM.

 Filo pastry is also much lower syn than other types and you don’t need too much to make it hearty and filling either. You can’t freeze this tart after it’s cooked, but it does refrigerate and then reheat well in the oven and you can eat hot or cold (both are simply scrumptious).


 Recipe serves 8. Each portion is 4 syns if you are not using the cheese as a healthy extra. If you are. It’s 3 syns per portion and just one third of one of your healthy extra A choices per serving.

 It should take you about 15 minutes to prepare this, and then a further 15 minutes to cook. Speedy!



150g shop bought filo pastry (that’s about 6 rectangular sheets) (21 syns)

2 red onions, sliced finely

1 tbsp maple syrup (2 syns)

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 handfuls of fresh baby tomatoes on the vine, halved

60g Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Lighter Cheese

3 sprigs fresh rosemary


  1. Pre-heat your fan oven to 160 degrees. Adjust if not a fan oven.

  2. Firstly prepare your onions. Slice the red onions finely and into a pan with frylight to soften. Add the vinegar and the maple syrup and onto a low heat until soft and delicious. Set to one side without the lid on so they can cool.

  3. Halve your tomatoes and prepare a few sprigs of rosemary. Set to one side. Slice your cheddar finely as if preparing for cheese on toast, so it can then be crumbled even smaller as per the picture.

  4. Take a baking tray and some baking paper and spray the baking paper with frylight. Take your filo from the fridge and place one sheet straight onto the baking paper. Spray that layer with frylight and add the next sheet. Continue this until all sheets until completed.

  5. Top with the onions, then the cheese, then the tomatoes and sprinkle some loose rosemary pieces across the top, as well as two full sprigs for cooking.

  6. Into the oven at 160 on a middle shelf for about 15 minutes or until golden. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before eating. I also crumbled on some extra fresh rosemary just for some fresh green colour!

  7. Enjoy.

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 Rosie x

#AD. Please note that this recipe was made as part of a paid promotion with Pilgrims Choice. That said, it’s one of my most delicious recipes yet so do give it a try anyway :)



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