Super easy British turkey mince and lentil stuffed peppers

Super easy British turkey mince and lentil stuffed peppers

These low-fat stuffed romano peppers are syn-free on Slimming World and unbelievably tasty.

This British turkey mince-based beauty of a dish has become a weekly staple of mine. It’s really filling and the meat sauce is so much quicker to make than a traditional Bolognese. Turkey mince is also a super lean and versatile meat, and this recipe is just so easy! It’s perfect for quick weeknight dinners.

It’s also syn free, low-carb and just uses half a healthy extra A choice per portion. Get in! When you go to the supermarket, be sure to look out for the purple labelling so you can buy British turkey mince.



Serves 4. You’ll need a big baking dish to make this recipe and a big saucepan. That’s pretty much it! You can freeze the turkey and lentil stuffing as well, then just make up some peppers in the oven when you need them.


·      4 romano peppers, mixed colours if possible. If you can’t source these, normal peppers are also fine but just use 2!

·      Frylight

·      240g lean British turkey breast mince (I got the 2%)

·      Half a large onion, diced

·      1 garlic clove, diced

·      6-7 chestnut mushrooms, diced

·      1 tsp ground cumin

·      1 tsp dried oregano

·      1 tbsp tomato purée

·      400g can chopped tomatoes

·      1 chicken stock cube

·      400g can cooked green lentils

·      90g reduced fat feta (2 x healthy extra A choices, so half a healthy extra A per portion)

·      Large side salad or vegetables, to serve


  1. Heat oven to about 180°C for a fan assisted oven (or adjust if you don’t have a fan assisted).

  2. Halve the peppers lengthways, remove the seeds and core but try to keep the green stalks on. Roast in a baking tray for about 20 minutes or until softening.

  3. Meanwhile, spray some frylight into a pan and fry off your British turkey mince, garlic and onion. When the turkey has gone white and the garlic and onion are softened, add the mushrooms and continue to cook.

  4. Add the cumin, oregano and tomato puree. Mix for a minute before adding the chopped tomatoes and crumble in your chicken stock cube (you do not need to melt it down with water).

  5. Let that simmer for about 5-6 minutes before adding the can of lentils. They’re cooked already so they just need to be warmed through and the mixture brought to bubbling point. 

  6. Remove the peppers from the oven and fill them with as much of the mince as you can. I let the mince pour over the sides as it’s delicious like that. No need to be neat here, the messier the better as it goes all crispy and wonderful!

  7. Top them with crumbled feta cheese and into the oven for about 7-10 minutes. Serve with a giant salad on the side and sit back and enjoy how good this food tastes!

Enjoy this wonderful recipe and don’t forget you can tag me in @slimmingworldrecipes on Instagram.

Rosie x


#AD - this blog post is part of a paid collaboration with British Turkey. That said, it’s still one of my most-loved recipes ever so give it a whirl!

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