Cordon bleu chicken - the slimming world version 

Cordon bleu chicken - the slimming world version 

A low syn breaded, bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with cheese. What could be better?

I used to love cordon bleu when I was a kid. No, not the fancy one, just that one from a frozen packet; the one that's essentially a drug for kids it's that addictive. I wanted to create a slimming world version of my favourite so here it is. I served mine with slimming world sweet potato fries and a salad. 


Serves 2 and uses one healthy extra A choice and either half a healthy extra B choice per serving or syn it for 3 syns each time as you prefer. You will need a blender to blitz the bread into breadcrumbs with. 


2 chicken breasts (choose free range but chunky ones for the best results) 

4 slices thin cut bacon, fat removed 

80g low fat cheddar, into 2 cubes 40g in weight each 

2 slices of wholemeal bread, blitzed into breadcrumbs

1 egg, beaten

2 tbsp sugar free or zero calorie tomato ketchup or bbq sauce (if you haven't got one, use 1 tbsp of standard ketchup or bbq sauce instead and remember to add syns). 

2 sweet potatoes


Salad of your choice, to serve. 


1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. 

2. Prepare your sweet potato chips by slicing into wedges. Spray a baking tray liberally with Frylight and lay the chips straight on. Spray with more frylight and into the oven. These will need to be cooked for about 40 minutes in total, make sure you turn a few times during cooking and add more frylight if you need. 

3. Start preparing your chicken by making an incision carefully along one side about 1-2 inches in length, careful not to cut through completely. Pop your cube of cheese inside. You may need to cut the cheese into smaller pieces to fit it inside.

4. Wrap your chicken in 2 pieces of bacon per serving. The bacon should be holding everything in place so the cheese isn't falling out. 

5. From there, prepare three bowls. One with the breadcrumbs in, one with the bbq sauce or ketchup in and one with the egg, beaten. 

6. Dunk each piece of bacon-chicken into the ketchup/bbq sauce, then the egg and then roll in breadcrumbs until covered. Spray a tray with fylight and lay the chicken pieces on it. 

7. Cook in the oven or at least 25 minutes or until cooked through. Serve with your sweet potato fries and a big salad! 

Enjoy and don’t forget to tag me your posts on Instagram @slimmingworldrecipes. I love seeing your posts it makes my day every time!

Rosie x

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