Peanut Butter Kit Kat Pancake Stack

Peanut Butter Kit Kat Pancake Stack

Slimming world friend American style pancakes 

Well shoot me down and send me to heaven. I’ve been doing slimming world for 5 years and I’ve never made pancakes this way. I wish I had done so sooner, they are amazing! They taste exactly like American pancakes but are made without flour or milk meaning you save on so many syns. These are perfect for pancake day or any other day you fancy them! 


Recipe serves 2! It’s 8 syns and uses just one healthy extra B choice per portion. You can reduce syns by reducing the number of kit kats or choc sauce quantity too, if you are being extra good! Please note that you will need a good non stick frying pan to make this work well, and a decent food processor or blender too. 


80g whole oats 

4 medium eggs, separated 

8 tbsp fat free natural yoghurt 

2 tsp vanilla essence 

4 tbsp granulated sweetener (2 syns)

4 tsp baking powder 

1 tbsp peanut butter powder (if you haven’t got this, you can still make it without but I recommend it for the extra flavour) (1 syn) 


For the topping:

6 mini kit kats peanut butter flavour (1.5 each so 9 syns total) 

2 tbsp choc shot (4) 

Whole punnet of raspberries 

A little water 


  1. Blitz your oats in a blender into a fine powder similar to flour. Pop into a large mixing bowl.

  2. Add to your oat flour the baking powder, sweetener, yoghurt, egg yolks, peanut butter powder and vanilla essence and mix well. 

  3. Whizz up your egg whites with a whisk, I always use electric cause it’s too much faff otherwise! Don’t get them quite to stiff peaks, but soft whites like a light mousse are good! 

  4. Fold in your egg whites to your mixture. If you lose a bit of the air it doesn’t matter.  

  5. Leave your mixture in the fridge for 10 minutes. This step is important so don’t miss it. It gives the batter a chance to soak into the oat ‘flour’.

  6. Take your frying pan and put on a medium to low heat. Spray liberally with frylight for each pancake. 

  7. You’ll need a heaped tablespoon for each pancake. Just lay it into the pan and spread out a little using the spoon into a round shape about 5 inches circumference. Fry for about a minute before flipping and doing the same on the other side. The pancake should hold well, if it doesn’t, cook for longer. 

  8. Microwave your choc shot with a tsp or two of water and stir well.

  9. Stack your pancakes up using raspberries between each layer to give it height. Drizzle your choc shot over each stack, and top with a crumbled kit kat peanut butter mini and two sticks on the top of each.

Enjoy! I really love seeing pictures of you making my recipes so please let me know if you try these! Tag me on insta @slimmingworldrecipes.

Rosie x

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