Steamed jam pudding - a low fat five minute version

Steamed jam pudding - a low fat five minute version

Try this slimming world friendly steamed jam pudding, it's a mug cake made in the microwave so it takes just minutes to prepare and cook. 

I'm a sucker for a steamed jam pud. At uni my friends had a Facebook group for me called 'Who thinks Rosie is an 80 year old moaney old bag?' (nice friends, huh?) but really when I come to think of my pudding choices, they may have been right! Disclamer: I'm still actually friends with all these people :)

That aside though, this jammy spongy yumminess is so good I don't care if it's old school. It's not made in the traditional way (ie, hours over a steamer) and instead is just about one of the speediest puddings you can make as it's done by microwave. Shock horror, it's also made with oats not flour! 


Makes enough for 1. Uses a healthy extra b choice (oats) and the jam and any custard you add should be synned if you follow slimming world. You will need a blender to blitz up the oats. 2 syns per serving without custard. 


40g rolled oats (healthy extra b choice or 6 syns) 

1 egg

2.5 level tbsp muller light yoghurt of your choice (I used the cherry bakewell one) 

1 tsp sweetener (I used Sukria)

1 level tbsp strawberry jam (recommend a quality jam such as Williams British Conserve) (2 syns) 

A pinch of bicarbonate of soda or baking powder 


1. Weigh out your oats and blitz then into fine flakes in your blender. 

2. In a small mixing bowl add your blitzed oats, egg, sweetener, bicarbonate of soda and muller yoghurt into a paste. spray your mug with a little frylight and pour in half the mixture. Spoon in a tbsp of jam and then top with the rest of the mixture so it's well covered. 

3. Into the microwave for 2 minutes before removing carefully. Serve with fruit and custard or yoghurt as you wish. Be careful on eating when very hot still as the jam gets really boiling in the microwave. 

Enjoy! Do let me know if you try this recipe and love it. I'm on Instagram @slimmingworldrecipes

Rosie x 

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