Syn free slimming world doughnuts

Syn free slimming world doughnuts

You do-nut want to miss this recipe! Low fat, healthy mini baked doughnuts perfect for syn free nights in. 

I had been seeing recipes for Slimming World doughnuts all over Instagram and as the greedy gal that I am, I couldn’t resist trying them myself. I got straight onto Ebay to buy a doughnut shaped silicon mould and the rest is history! Many thanks to the legendary @slimmingmommastacey for the recipe. I’ve tweaked mine a bit (mainly due to what ingredients I happened to have in the house) and it worked a treat.

This is literally perfect snack food, ideal for watching a movie when you want a sweet fix and a bit of a graze!


You will need to buy a doughnut mould. You can pick one up on Ebay for about £2-3. Bargain! You will need a blender to blitz your oats. It’s #synfree if you’re using a healthy extra. This recipe serves one, and you get eight little doughnuts all to yourself (can I get a whoop here, people?). If you’re using a dip, make sure it’s either syn free (the Skinny syrups work well) or count your syns. I used choc shot and a little boiling water mixed together to make it go a bit further and a bit more runny. It was perfection.


40g oats, blitzed in a blender into fine flakes

80g of a fat-free flavoured yoghurt (I used a ‘Light & Free’ cherry one)

1 egg

1 additional egg white

Half a tsp nutmeg (less if you don’t like the flavour)

A few drops of almond essence

A few pinches of Bicarbonate of soda (or baking powder)

1 tbsp Sukrin Gold sweetener

To serve:

A dip of your choice

Some powdered sweetener to dust on the top


  1. Preheat your oven to about 180.

  2. Blitz your oats and mix all the ingredients together in a bowl (apart from the powdered sugar and your dip, of course).

  3. Spoon into your mould and into the oven until they’re hard to the touch and browning on the top. I think about 15-20 minutes is about right but keep an eye. They shouldn’t be soggy and if you press a finger in one, it should bounce back.

  4. Serve immediately with a dip, some fresh fruit and a little bit of powdered sweetener on top.

Enjoy! If you try it, please do tag me @slimmingworldrecipes and also @slimmingmommastacey.

Rosie x

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