Slimming world style 'nachos' with cheesy sauce

Slimming world style 'nachos' with cheesy sauce

These low fat, healthier nachos will keep everyone happy, even non dieters! 

This recipe has literally blown my mind. Nachos are one of my one true loves – alongside my partner, my parents’ black Labrador Ashie and aperol spritzes, of course. However, on slimming world, I’ve struggled to find a replacement for nachos which was low in syns but still had the wow factor.

Cue: enter Laughing Cow Light Spreadable into my life. This absolute game-changer makes the best, low-calorie cheesy sauce out there. Combined with crispy sweet potato chips (homemade, of course) they make for a perfect snack, even with guests, children or fussy eaters in the house! A few folk have said to me “isn’t this tweaking?” but personally I don’t think it is. So long as you’re not eating plates and plates of the stuff, or using ten sweet potatoes per portion, you should be ok. Plus, the sweet potato ‘nachos’ are about half a cm thick, meaning they’re more like chips than crisps anyway.


Serves 2-4, uses 2 healthy extra A choices per serving. I served mine with guacamole on the side which has syns, so do be careful to count those if you do the same.


4-6 sweet potatoes (depending on size) washed with skins left on


2 medium size red tomatoes

10 baby red and yellow tomatoes (a mix is ideal)

A few springs of parsley, chopped finely

1 half red chilli, diced finely

1 spring onion, diced finely including the green section

Half a lime

175g Laughing Cow Light spreadable (2 x healthy extras A choice)

To serve:

Fat free yoghurt mixed with a little lemon juice and parsley

Guacamole (just an avocado mashed up fresh with a little fresh chilli and lime, remember to count the syns)

Half a tin or jar of jalapenos (make sure they’re not in sugary water)


1.     Preheat your oven to 200 degrees for fan assisted (adjust appropriately for other oven types).

2.     Start by preparing your sweet potatoes by washing them, and then slicing into approximately half cm wide slices. Pop onto a baking tray with plenty of frylight and into the oven to cook.

3.     You will need to turn them at least once (ideally twice) and keep a close eye so they don’t burn. Total cooking time will be around 25-30 minutes.

4.     While your ‘nachos’ are cooking, prepare your tomato salsa. Chop your big and small tomatoes finely and add a good squeeze of lime, chopped parsley and diced spring onion. Pop in the fridge until later.

5.     You can also use this time to prepare your other ingredients, including a yoghurt dip and a guacamole dip (syns) if you wish (see the ingredients list on how to do this).

6.     When your nachos are ready remove them from the oven and pile them up in a sharing dish.

7.     Pile them up high with your homemade salsa and jalapenos.

8.     Pop your Laughing Cow Spreadable in a heat-proof container and microwave for 20-40 seconds until runny. Mix well with a spoon before spooning onto your nachos.

9.     Top with some extra fresh spring onion and chilli if you wish.

Did you enjoy this recipe? Please let me know by tagging me in your pictures on Instagram @slimmingworldrecipes. It means the world!

Rosie x 

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