Cheese stuffed breaded chicken burgers

Cheese stuffed breaded chicken burgers

Cheese. Chicken. Breaded. Burger. Syn free. It's a winner winner chicken dinner situation.

This is one of the most popular posts of all time on my Instagram @slimmingworldrecipes and it's very easy to see why. Imagine a kind of a cordon bleu... but with NO SYNS. 


Makes enough for 2, uses 1 x HEA and 1 x HEB choice for the whole recipe, so each portion is half a HEA and half a HEB. 


400g Low fat chicken mince. I recommend buying it minced if you can, or asking your butcher to mince it for you. I have tried mincing chicken breasts at home but it doesn't work quite so well although it's a good second option 

2 slices of brown bread, blitzed in the blender into breadcrumbs




1 egg, beaten 

40g reduced fat cheddar (medium rather than strong is actually best for this) 

Veg, salad and slimming world chips to serve with it! 


1. Preheat your oven to 190 (for fan assisted, adjust accordingly otherwise). 

2. Take the minced chicken and make them into patties about 1.5 inches thick and 4-5 inches wide. Pop in the fridge to set. 

3. Meanwhile, blitz your brown bread (1 x heb choice) into breadcrumbs. Add a good grind of black pepper and a small pinch of salt if you wish. Lay the breadcrumbs out on a plate. 

4. In a dish or bowl crack an egg and whisk it up with a fork. Set aside.

5. Take your chicken patties out of the fridge and cut a small hole in them. Stuff 20g of reduced fat cheddar into each one (you can go up to 40g for your healthy extra a if you want to but I didn't have space) and reseal the patties around the cheese.

6. Once they're sturdy enough to not have the cheese fall out, dip each patty in the egg and then the breadcrumb mix. P

7. Pop on a grill tray and oven bake at 190-200 for about 25-30 minutes. Serve with veg or a salad and slimming world chips!

Freezer recommendation: These can actually be frozen after they've been breaded. Pop them each in their own freezer bag and then cook directly from frozen at 220 for 30-35 minutes. 

I love seeing your creations of this recipe. Please remember to mention my blog if you try it out or @slimmingworldrecipes on Instagram. 

Rosie x 

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