Slimming world friendly banana flapjacks

Slimming world friendly banana flapjacks

These low fat banana flapjacks will curb a sweet craving and they're low syn on slimming world too!

I absolutely love flapjacks but was pretty horrified to find out that a standard one is usually somewhere between 10 and 20 syns! That’s way over the amount of saturated fat and processed sugar that you need in an average day, so I started searching for recipes that were easy to make but not eggy, like previous 'oat biscuit' type recipes I've tried which were pretty bad. Cue Sarah Dietician's page where I found my inspiration and I made a few slimming world style adjustments. They came out pretty well, but I'd say are more of a hybrid between banana bread texture and a flapjack. That said, they're lovely and chewy with a nice taste so I can't complain too much! Even better, they are about the easiest thing on earth to cook. You can add extra things if you wish like dried fruit, chocolate or even peanut butter, just remember to syn it if you do. 


Makes 9 flapjacks, each plain one is just under 4 syns if not using healthy extras, or if you use some of your healthy extra A and B choices you can adjust and it comes out at more like 2 syns per piece but it depends on what you use so read the ingredients list below to understand your syn count. 


2 medium sized ripe bananas, mashed up well with a fork (8 syns when cooked)

150g whole porridge oats (either 3.5 x Healthy extra B choices or 25 syns) 

150ml skimmed milk (half a healthy extra A choice or 2.5 syns)

Half a tsp cinnamon or nutmeg as you prefer 

Half a tablespoon Sukrin Gold (or alternative sweetener)



1. Preheat your oven to 170, grease a small tin with frylight and then greaseproof paper. I used a tin about 25cm x 20cm but slightly smaller or larger will be fine. 

2. Mix all the ingredients in with the mashed banana and mix very well. Pour out the mixture into the tin and into the oven for about 40-45 minutes or until golden and solid to the touch so that it doesn't break under your finger. 

3. Allow to cool in the tin before chopping into 9 pieces and serving with a good cup of tea! 

Enjoy and don't forget to link back to my page if you share this recipe. Thank you! 

Rosie x 

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