Slimming world pancakes - sweet!

Slimming world pancakes - sweet!

I don't like to scrimp on Shrove Tuesday so here's my basic pancake recipe. You'll get 4-5 pancakes just for yourself by using two thirds of your healthy extra A choice and 9 syns. Obviously you can share, but... ya know. Toppings wise, make sure you count your syns as well. I tried lemon and sukrin gold (a replacement for sugar) and it was very good. An alternative is chocolate choc shot and banana. Yum! You can have all of this and still be in your syn allowance for the day. Woop! 


9 syns for 4-5 pancakes (depending on the size of your pancakes), you will need a frying pan and a whisk.


150ml semi skimmed milk (two thirds of healthy extra A choice)

50g plain flour (9 syns)

1 egg


Toppings, choose whatever you like but I used:

Lemon and Sukrin Gold (sweetener is half a syn per tablespoon) 

Choc shot (half a syn per teaspoon) and fresh banana (syn free) 


1. Whisk your milk, egg and flour in a bowl and whisk until smooth. If you have time, allow to settle for about 30 mins, but if you're in a rush, you can start cooking right away. Letting it settle for a bit just makes the consistency of the pancakes a little nicer, I think. Give it one last short whisk before you start using it. 

2. Spray a pan with frylight and take one ladle or large spoon of mixture in and pop into the pan. Swish it around so it goes circular and the base is covered in the pan. Allow to cook for 1 minute before flipping and cooking for another minute on the other side. 

3. Serve immediately. YUM! 


Rosie x 


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