Cheese, herb and garlic dip

Cheese, herb and garlic dip

Perfect slimming world friendly dip for dieters and snackers alike

Now it’s well known on the Instagram community that I’m a snackaholic. Literally give me anything to eat and I need to dip it in something! I love that ‘white dip’ you get in supermarkets, you know, the cheesy garlicky delicious one, but it’s SO bad for you!

Here is my syn-free alternative, it just uses a healthy extra and it’s lovely with plenty of crudités or even rolled up ham.


Serves one or two, or a few more if it’s for a snack on the table! Uses 1 healthy extra A choice for the whole lot, otherwise no syns (hooray!) It doesn’t require much cooking either, bonus! If you don’t eat it all yourself, you can take back some of the healthy extra a choice as appropriate.


5 laughing cow light triangles (1 x healthy extra A choice)

1 heaped tbsp plain quark

A grind of black pepper

1 large garlic clove, diced very finely

A few sprigs of fresh parsley, diced finely



  1. Take your diced garlic and fry on a low heat in a frying pan until it starts to brown. Keep the heat low and try not to burn it, if you do, I recommend starting over again (burnt garlic doesn’t taste good in the dip!) Set to one side once ready and allow to cool.

  2. Meanwhile, mix your laughing cow triangles, quark, black pepper and diced parsley. Mix well until it’s a lovely smooth mixture. You can use a hand blender if you have one. Add your garlic and mix or blend well again.

  3. That’s it! Serve with crudités or rolled up ham and feel like the diet-legend-saint you are.

Enjoy! if you enjoy this recipe or try it, please tag me and follow me on Instagram @slimmingworldrecipes.

Thank you!

Rosie x

Please note this recipe is part of a paid promotion with The Laughing Cow, but it’s delicious nonetheless. #AD

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