Low syn delicious mini chocolate cheesecakes

Low syn delicious mini chocolate cheesecakes

Mini cheesecakes that are slimming world and low fat friendly

Well, if I say HOLY COW about something… it couldn’t be more relevant. I was challenged by The Laughing Cow herself (did you see my pun there…?) to come up with some recipes to help curb my snacking problems.

I have the sweetest tooth in the world… anything sweet, I want it, so this recipe has turned out to be a real winner. I’m so delighted with the recipe, so much, in fact, that I’ve fed it to friends and family and then asked them to guess the secret ingredient… and they couldn’t pin it down! Who’d have thought a laughing cow triangle could make for a nice cheesecake?! It’s madness, but trust me, it just WORKS.

It doesn’t require any cooking and it sets fast too. Perfect dinner party material… even if it’s a dinner party for one in front of the telly (or is that just me).


This recipe makes enough for 2 people. Syns wise, it’s 5.5 per portion if you’re using some of your healthy extra A choice, if you need to count the laughing cow they are 1.5 syns each so it’s 7 per portion. Bear in mind that a normal cheesecake slice is 18-22 syns, or a delicious Gu pot can go up to 25! Shocking isn’t it?! My cheesecake recipe is a great treat for guests and it travels well to work for your afternoon snack too (yes, I’ve tried taking it into work). It feels really indulgent and is simply yummy. Perfect material for that late night binge moment or when you need a dessert.


2 laughing cow light triangles (use a little of your healthy extra, as I have, or count 1.5 extra syns per portion)

3 reduced fat digestive biscuits (9 syns)

1 level tsp lurpak light (1)

1.5 tbsp plain quark

Half tbsp sweetener (I used Truvia)

1 sachet heaped teaspoon low fat drinking hot chocolate powder ( 1 syns)

A few drops of vanilla essence


  1. Start by preparing your base. Crush your biscuits in a bag with a rolling pin.

  2. Put your butter on a low heat and melt it in a pan. Add your biscuits and mix well.

  3. Put your biscuit base into two small ramekins evenly and set to one side. Leave a small amount set aside to crumble on the top!

  4. In a separate container, mix your quark, vanilla essence, hot chocolate powder, sweetener and laughing cow triangles until a thick mixture is formed and it’s a lovely light brown.

  5. Top your biscuit base with this mixture and pop into the fridge to set.

  6. Serve when you’re ready, and sprinkle some extra biscuit base on the top to finish.

Enjoy, if you try this, please do tag me @slimmingworldrecipes on Instagram. Would love to see your creations!

Rosie x

Please note this is part of a paid promotion with The Laughing Cow, but it’s delicious nonetheless! #AD

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