GG Crispbread Chocolate Almond Gateau

GG Crispbread Chocolate Almond Gateau

GG Crispbread chocolate almond gateau 😍
This recipe worked out a treat! A moist cake that quite unbelievably doesn’t use flour or butter so it’s nice and low on syns, just over 2 per slice. You will need to buy sukrin gold (available on Amazon) to make it work really well but other sweeteners should work ok too if not. People have mixed opinions about sweetener syn value but this is what I work to - half a syn per tbsp.

Serves about 8-10.


For the cakes
10 GG crispbread (scan bran) as your daily HEB x 2
6 Eggs
50g Cocoa Powder (9 syns)
8 tbsp sukrin gold sweetener (4 syns)
1.5 tsp almond essence
1.5tsp Chocolate Extract

For the topping:
Vanilla quark 200g (2 syns) 
One tsp choc shot to add to quark (0.5 syns) 
Choc shot to drizzle (around 2 syns) 
Fresh raspberries to decorate


1. Soak the GG Crispbread (Scan Bran) in boiling water

2. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C

3. Line a standard loaf tin with baking paper on the base and fryligjt on the sides

4. When the Scan Bran is soft, drain it well and mash it up with a fork

5. Beat the eggs with the Sukrin Gold until it has dissolved, then add the cocoa powder, chocolate extract, almond essence and drained Scan Bran. Mix it well to combine all the ingredients

6. Bake for 40-50 minutes. The knife should come out nearly clean when you test but it won’t ever be completely clean!

7. Let the cake cool, then decorate with quark, choc shot and raspberries as you prefer!

Enjoy! I love to see your posts on Instagram so don’t forget to tag me @slimmingworldrecipes if you try it out and love it (or indeed hate it) Rosie x

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