Fishcakes from Rosie and the Recipes

Fishcakes from Rosie and the Recipes

A lot of the recipes you don’t ever see on my blog or Instagram are my notorious ‘fails’. My family and friends, poor sods, have experienced these monstrousities of the kitchen world many times! Sadly, low fat, oil free and slimming world friendly fishcakes are high on the list of ‘good idea, gone bad’. SO! I’m happy to reveal some fishcakes that are, ahem, actually nice and that I think others will like too. Bonus, they’re syn free and really flavoursome too.

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Makes enough for 4 fishcakes, or 2 portions as a main. Syn free + ½ healthy extra b choice per portion.


2 standard pieces of smoked haddock, uncooked and skin removed, chopped into small pieces (about 250g-300g for both pieces should be fine)

2 eggs

Pinch dried dill

Few drops of Tabasco

Pinch onion granules

5 pieces of chive, diced

1 spring onion sliced finely (including the green bits!)

1 small-medium sized potato, any variety is fine


5 GG crispbreads (1 x healthy extra). If you can’t find GG crispbread to hand (it makes the best crusts!) you can use breadcrumbs, but be aware that you may need more than 2 slices so the recipe could go up either in syn value or you may need to use another healthy extra).

A mixed salad of your choice


  1. Take your fish and all the other dry ingredients and blitz in a blender (I used a magimix.) Blitz it very well and if it’s a little bit dry take 1 egg and mix well separately before adding 1 tbsp of egg to the blender and blitzing again. It should be a sticky consistency that you can still form patties from, so not too wet. Depending on the fish, you may not need to add any egg. Boil your potato and when it’s soft, add it to the fish mix. 

  2. Place your fish mix covered in the fridge and leave to marinade while you prepare everything else.

  3. If you’re planning to eat these on the same day, preheat your oven to 200 (I usually make these straight for the freezer, see my notes below on this).

  4. Beat the rest of the egg leftover from above as well as the other egg and place into a wide rimmed bowl on your countertop.

  5. Blitz your GG Crispbread or bread in the blender until they resemble very fine breadcrumbs. Pour the breadcrumbs out onto a plate.

  6. Yep, you guessed it! Take your fish mix out of the fridge and form 4 patties, in a flattened shape a bit like you would for a burger. They will be very sticky but persevere!

  7. Dip each patty into the egg and then roll in the breadcrumbs, before placing on a baking tray sprayed with frylight (or carefully into freezer bags if they are for later). I’d recommend washing your hands between each patty making and dipping, this seems a bit tedious but it’ll leave you with neater, easier to manage patties and less wet breadcrumbs on the breadcrumb plate.

  8. Bake at 200 for about 15-17 minutes (for a fan assisted oven).

  9. Enjoy and serve with a huge mixed salad, or veg of your choice!

Notes re, freezing. These freeze very well (hurrah!). When freezing make sure you bag them carefully and don’t stack them together else they will stick (I recommend bagging each individual fishcake in its own bag). When it’s time to cook them, cook from frozen for about 25 minutes at 220 degrees (for fan assisted ovens). Don’t go over that time else they will go a bit dry!

Rosie x

Prawns marie rosie

Prawns marie rosie

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