Slimming world pizza - yes you heard that right

Slimming world pizza - yes you heard that right

Something magical came in the post to me last week and I'm excited to share my first ever pizza recipe! Thanks to Lo-Dough, there is now a 2 syn pizza base which is also gluten free. You can order direct from them but get in early each day as they have fairly limited stock at the moment. 

I tried this out with what I happened to have in the fridge but you can really use any toppings. 


1 x lo-dough pizza base (2 syns)

35g blue cheese (healthy extra b choice)

1 egg 

Handful of spinach 

4 baby tomatoes, sliced 

3-4 tbsp Tomato passata (I used the one with onion and garlic in but any one will do!)


1. Preheat your oven to 180. I used a pizza stone so if you have one, place the stone in the oven while it heats up. Otherwise, a normal baking tray will work fine. 

2. Take your lo-dough and add all the toppings. Firstly the tomato puree or passata (I used passata), then the tomatoes, blue cheese and the egg. Scatter the spinach around the edge.

3. Carefully transfer onto the pizza stone or baking tray and cook for 10-14 minutes (or until the egg is cooked and everything is melty and delicious!) 

If you want to try out Lo Dough you can do so via this link, using ROSIE10 for 10% off. Enjoy and please do tag me @slimmingworldrecipes if you try this, or comment below! 

Rosie x

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