About me! 

I'm Rosie, and about 4 years ago I set up the @slimmingworldrecipes account on Instagram. I've always loved to cook, and being a Slimming World member hasn't slowed me down! I lost 2.5 stone doing low fat recipes combined with plenty of exercise, but I admit I still have a cheeky stone I need to shed (new year's resolutions and all that...)

On this blog I share my favourite recipes, as well as the odd post about travel, adventure and fitness. I'm a busy bee and I work for Time Out by day, make low fat, healthy recipes by night and occasionally make Kväll Candles too. My day to day Instagram is @rosieakenhead so do say hi or follow if you wish! 

I'd always like to hear from you so if you want to reach out, you can get me via sworldrecipes@hotmail.com or just DM me on Instagram.